Get ready to catch the spirit with Keynote speaker JackieR. Experience It! 

With over 35 Years of experience, she knows stuff!

She’s not your typical technology keynote speaker.

JackieR motivates audiences to be smarter than their smartphone and mobile devices by providing technology solutions to conduct business while out and about!

Her attendees are never bored!

Jackie was always the popular kid in the neighborhood; funny and wise.  Humor mixed with personal experiences sets JackieR apart from the rest.  She is engaging, while knowledgeable.  Years of experience has given her all kinds of tidbits in her discussions that others can clearly identify with. Having a sense of humor, and the ability to read situations, allows her to tackle even the toughest issues people face with substance and style.  JackieR’s funny anecdotes engage audiences to stay focused!

JackieR is all about RESULTS.

Many speakers teach audiences WHAT to do.  A few speakers show audiences HOW to do it. Many who attend these sessions sometimes walk away with a great pep talk, but no take away substance. JackieR does all that and MORE.  She helps you understand WHY it’s important to evaluate your business processes, mobile devices, and technology tools to stay up to date while out and about!

JackieR is trustworthy giving the words ONLINE COMMUNITY a whole new meaning.

She literally pulls from her database of experiences situations shared by the audience so they know that she knows the good, bad and ugly of running a business or organization.  Her cool and confident insight into human nature will have each person in your audience feeling like she is talking just to them.  JackieR possesses the rare gift of having the ability to connect in a meaningful way—and it’s that connection that leaves a lasting impression long after the event is over.

There is no other keynote speaker like JackieR!

And your audience? They’ll thank you for that over and over again as they power up their business skills, tech skills communication skills and mindsets. Are you Hot and Mobile?

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Be Smarter Than Your Phone

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