Raining in your neck of the woods, or grandchildren coming over for the weekend?
Your are in for a big surprise of all the options you now have with Internet TV!

Apple TV+ hits November 1st ($4.99/month), then Disney+ takes position #1 in your bookmark manager on November 12th ($6.99/month).

But last week we noticed that plenty of these new Netflix rivals will actually be free:

Verizon is giving away 1 year of Disney+ free to customers with unlimited plans.
Apple is offering 1 year of Apple TV+ free to customers who buy a new Apple device (iPhone, Mac, iPad).

AT&T announced its HBO Max (debuting in April) will be free to subscribers who have HBO already.

T-Mobile revealed a partnership with Quibi (the name is a mashup of “quick” & “bites”). Details are TBD, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the mobile-first premium video is free to those with T-Mobile plans.

The era of password pirating is over… Mobile phone companies are paying for your streaming. Binge-able content for free is their “marketing carrot.”

Let us explain. Marketing Carrot“: The part of a company’s business that makes a huge chunk of the profits. Like Ford’s F-150 pickup truck, Lululemon’s yoga pants, or Amazon’s cloud service, AWS — they all drive profits. Marketing Carrot“: A shiny, cuddly, free perk that attracts customers to sign up.

They want to think about free streaming for a year, free shipping with Prime, or “60K reward points if you spend $4K in the first 4months” — it’s all about the sign-ups.
Netflix is leaving the party without the partner she came with. Its big advantage in the Streaming Wars was its head start — 158M are Netflix subscribers already. But Netflix’s competition has found corporate partners willing to offer their service for free or at a discount, while Netflix costs $13/month pretty much no matter what. That price disadvantage and lack of a marketing carrot could cause some to drop Netflix for another, cheaper, service.


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