(L-R) Gigi, Art and Lori, me in the front!

It is not too often that you meet people that you grow to love over a period of time. Even though distance keeps you apart at moments in time, you know that you can always go back. These are my friends for life in St. Augustine/Jacksonville, Florida: Gigi, Art and Lori.


Gigi is the one who keeps the other two organized in their Assist To Sell office in St. John. She is intelligent, poised and on point when it comes to running an office and her business. Married with two “big football playing boys” she manages her time wisely. A loving and kind women, if I ever needed anybody in a crunch, she would be on the list.

Lori and Gigi


Lori, the under the sea mermaid! An advit diver, she has seen some of the most beautiful creatures while diving in the sea world.

Lori has been running a real estate office for many years in the St. Augustine and surrounding areas. She was a blessing when I needed it the most, and introduced me to Gigi and Art. It was through our mutual friend Lois, who transitioned a couple of years ago, that I met the Neighbors family. Lori, her husband, two boys, sister, friends, church members, mother and father all treated me like family during my stay in Florida.



Art, oh Mr. Art. This man is a seasoned professional having worked for many years in the music and entertainment industry. He now calls Jacksonville home, along with his lovely wife. Such a character, he is humorous and can banter with the best of them. “Keep it Up” Art!

I am forever grateful for such gooooood friends!


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