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Feb 12 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

JackieR Hot and Mobile | Sip and Tip Happy Hour – February 12

What are you doing on a Friday Night? Let’s Sip and Tip!

About this Event

I know that some of you miss going out on Friday night for Happy Hour!  The pandemic has us all either working from home, or going straight home after leaving our place of work!  No more hanging with your crew to discuss the week’s accomplishments, or personal drama over a cocktail!

How about a Zoom Sip and Tip Happy Hour! 

Join me on Zoom for a Friday night Sip and Tip Happy Hour.  What is a “Sip and Tip Happy Hour”?  Sip, where you drink wine or a cocktail of your choice as we discuss helpful and valuable information of concern for small business owners lead by seasoned professionals.


Dr. Janice believes that effective communication is the foundation for all relationships. People’s opinions of you or your organization are formed by the way you communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Dr. Janice was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as the 2013/2014 professional women of the year for leadership in public speaking. She is a visionary author for Braveheart Women, the largest international online community for female visionaries and was chosen as one of the top ten most influential women on the Southside of Chicago. Janice Fortman is also a VIP member of the Women’s Speakers Association.

Her book entitled “The Little Book of BIG Behavior Interventions” presents the common misbehaviors of pre-k and elementary school children. Her keen insight on why young children misbehave in their classrooms is popular with teachers who are faced with challenging misbehaviors.

Dr. Jan is most passionate about her latest book “The Secrets to How Not to Throw Mama from the Train”, that focuses on the relationship between adult daughters and their aging mothers, and the communication patterns that cause difficulties in this relationship. Her related workshops offer insight, advice and solutions on resolving conflicts in this complicated and dynamic relationship.


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Be Smarter Than Your Phone

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