Sue Serna of Serna Social sends Marketing Drop Box!

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Your Business is Your Reputation and Your Reputation is Your Business. The Marketing Drop

Back in the day, we use to promote our business with marketing drops. These worked best at conferences with high powered speakers and attendees. With so much competition among the hundreds of people who wanted to be seen and heard for just a view minutes, you had to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd!

One of those ways has been renewed publicly with much fanfare. I first noticed it when Beyoncé sent out her gift box to her celebrity friends promoting her new line of Adidas apparel called Ivy Park. Then, there was a tsunami of gift giving from the rich and famous to their friends and social media influencers promoting all types of famous brands. That type of marketing is brilliant and captures just the right amount of attention when sent to the right people.

Sue Serner of Serna Social Gets It!

What I love about Sue Serner is her tenacity to stick with the goals she has created for herself, and her desire to share her vast knowledge of cyber security with others. It is obvious to me in the recent gift I received, her seriousness in following her passion. I was one of the lucky ones to receive a marketing drop box of her beautiful and consistent marketing materials.

How did it feel? It felt great, first of all, to be considered as one on “the list.” Then, to receive the package from my mailman the old fashioned way made me feel really special. Once I opened the box and dug in my smile continued to grow as I pulled gift after gift after gift from the box. I was like dang, this is so nice!

Your Marketing Campaign Should Reach Your Goal!

Sue included pens, a mug, swishers, and a rubber squezzy, all tastefully branded with her logo. This is a perfect example of making “feel good” memories with current clients, prospects, family and friends!

Mission Accomplished, Sue! I was totally impress in your marketing campaign and wish you continued success!

Sue Serna appears as a Guest on Be Smarter Than Your Phone Podcase [Video]

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