Tips for traveling in Mexico during the COVID-19

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For the past year since Covid hit, I wondered was it safe to travel, where is it safe to go, is it better to travel within the US or go international? Upon research I found many restrictions to international travel, especially up until December 2020. There are still many questions surrounding travel in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot people have thrown caution to the wind and decided to travel. Taking the Covid vaccine for many has been the best way to be protected while traveling. Airlines have made strict rules for travelers entering the US. So if you do decide to travel internationally, just know that you will be required to take a Covid antigen test within 3 days before boarding your flight to your international destination and the trip back home.

Where to go

I kept reading about famous people going to Los Cabo, Mexico in the Baja peninsula. So I did a weather search to see where there would be the warmest temperatures and the most sunny days. I landed in San Jose del Cabo on a bright and warm day; totally amazed at the number of people going through customs. I, like many others, was glad to be out of the house. The vans filled up with tourist going to various hotels and resorts. I opted for a lovely AirBnB on a golf course, within walking distance to the beach. Spring breakers were everywhere. Everyone wore masks, but it was hard to be 6 feet away from someone riding in an airport transportation van. There must have been a feeling of security because everyone had to have passed the Covid test or been vaccinated before boarding a flight. The vendors in Mexico were more than likely happy to see the return of many tourist!

Research before booking

Just as the location, price and availability of dates are elementary factors to consider before making a reservation; from now on it will also be important to take into account the sanitary measures and restrictions carried out by the hotels, AirBnB, restaurants and destinations you plan to visit. I can tell you this, San Jose del Cabo was clean: the streets, the restaurants, restrooms, everywhere, it was CLEAN!

How to Pack

It is important to consider that your suitcase will have new items that you probably would not have packed before. For an international trip, I checked my bag for an additional $30 on Delta.

There was a swimming suit for every day, comfortable tops and dresses. Be sure to pack good shoes for walking! Most of the people I saw were extremely casual with t-shirts, shorts and athletic wear.  I myself opted more for nice outfits good for photo shoots and social media postings.

Sail with the Pirates on the Pacific

More than one reusable mask.

More than one small bottle of antibacterial gel distributed in different places (car, jacket, backpack, purse, crossbody bag, etc.) to have on hand at all times.

Carry a pack of sanitizing wipes

Consider carrying extra footwear, specifically designated for use in public spaces.

Open Spaces

According to experts, frequenting open spaces is safer than enclosed spaces because of how the particles that can carry the coronavirus behave. Factors such as keeping a healthy distance and avoiding being in an air current coming from a group of strangers are very important to avoid contagion. This applies to beaches, parks or any open space.

Do not take unnecessary risks

It is common for accidents to happen during a trip. This forces people to go to hospitals or doctors’ offices, red hotspots of infection at this time. Extreme activities or games that may cause accidents in children should be avoided.

Traveling on the road

The car is emerging as one of the best ways to travel while finding a vaccine for COVID-19; this implies choosing destinations not so far away from home. It is useful to understand it as a bubble that one should try not to break until arriving at the destination: if it is necessary to get out at some point, hands should be washed and footwear disinfected before getting in so as not to compromise the hygiene of the car.

Traveling with pets

In the same way that you should disinfect your shoes, if a dog has walked on surfaces that could be considered a source of infection, you should clean its paws with soap and water. A veterinarian should be consulted, since there are products such as chlorine that can harm the animal.

Post-travel measures

While the responsibility of the traveler during his vacation is with the community that welcomes him, upon his return he must do the same with those who surround his home. The recommendation is to try not to go out for 14 days to make sure that nobody got sick during the trip and that the virus does not spread further.

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