Bring your blurry, noisy shots back to life with these new editing tools in Google Photos

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Google Photos continues to be the best cloud backup service around for storing and sharing all of your memories. Even as we approach the end of its unlimited high-quality tier, new features like automated slideshows continue to make it a must-have app on Android. To help make your photos look that much better, Google has added some new editing tools to reduce noise levels and bring out the detail in softened pictures.

You can find both of these utilities by heading into Edit mode and selecting the Adjust tab. These options, Sharpen and Denoise, are found at the far-right side of the menu, sandwiched between the pre-existing Pop and Vignette settings. Google has marked both using a yellow dot to indicate a new addition to the app, though it disappears after the first use.

It’s a little surprising that Photos didn’t already have these controls. Each works as you’d expect — Sharpen helps decrease blurry lines, delivering clarity to out-of-focus elements, while Denoise softens a photo to help reduce grain. These tools are polar opposites, so if you really want to screw up your photos, just max out both settings to create a muddy mess.

As Google moves its photo management app toward paid tiers, adding new ways to bring out the best of your pictures and videos is likely the way to go. If we can’t have free unlimited storage, a great suite of editing tools is probably the next best thing. It seems like these features are slowly coming to more users, so make sure you have the latest version of the app using the Play Store link below, or grab the APK from APK Mirror.

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