What’s it Like at 5am in Mexico?

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

The Stars are Amazing

It’s 5am in Mexico to my 8am in Atlanta.  Yes, while vacationing I am 3 hours behind Eastern time. Every morning I still wake up at 6am, which is 3 am Mexico time. So, what’s it like at 5am in Mexico?

I have been amazed at the number of stars seen in the night sky. Using my “Sky Walk” app I’ve been able to identity several constellations, many Greek Gods and Astrological signs.  I found Pisces, my sign, this morning!

Star Walk App for Star Gazing while Traveling

I often sit on my back porch in Atlanta and star gaze, wondering if other people in the world can see what I see at the same time. Using the The Sky Walk app has answered that question, because I can see here in Mexico the same stars I see back home.

This has been an amazing trip and I am glad I came to San Jose del Cabo! 

So, for you star gazers, download the Star Walk app to find your astrological sign wherever you are in the world!

Aquarius and Sunrise in Mexico

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