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What you need to know

  • Passengers are able to contact 911 through an in-app panic button in the Lyft app.
  • License plate numbers are being enlarged in the app.
  • Rating a driver less than four stars will now require you to leave feedback as to why.

She Had to Escape from Lyft

I was really disturbed by a video sent to me by one of my followers. The video was of a young lady who needed a ride to work when her car broke down, after dropping her baby off at daycare. She trusted Lyft to get her to work. However, her story could have been tragic. She reported that she was driven to an area not in the direction of her job, and the Lyft driver met up with another man. Apparently the plan was to back the Lyft car into a warehouse where both men could have seriously injured, or killed, this young woman. She escaped, is safe, and was able to record a live Facebook video of her experience to warn the rest of us!

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That got me to thinking about the ability of our phones to provide safety measures. Surely Lyft, Uber and other ridesharing services have an app feature for requesting services and reporting an emergency.

We rely on our phones for so many things: banking, email, social media networking like Facebook, Instagram, photos and videos. We can record videos at any time. With the tap of a button the world can know what is happening in live time!

It is my goal to share with you what I find out about mobile apps we need as we go about our day to day activities. So What about Lyft?

What has Lyft Done to Protect its Customers

That’s why Lyft is taking measures to make riders feel safer starting with an in-app panic button to call 911, a feature Uber added to its app last year for passengers. The button was already made available late last year in the app for Lyft drivers, but now riders will also have access to it in case of emergencies.

In an effort to prevent tragedies like the one in South Carolina, Lyft is also increasing the size of the license plate number in the app to prevent riders from getting into the wrong vehicle.

Another change to the Lyft app should help its drivers improve. From now on, when you rate a driver less than four stars, you will be required to leave feedback as to why. Afterward, the information you provide will be anonymously relayed to the driver allowing them to see the reason for the low rating.

Lyft has also begun offering sexual harassment prevention well as passengers. Even though both Lyft and Uber conduct background checks on drivers, it still hasn’t prevented a number of sexual assault or abuse allegations. Last year a CNN report found that 18 Lyft drivers and 103 Uber drivers had been accused of these offenses.

Be Smarter than your Phone!

For the amount of money we spend on our phones, it is important that we utilized it to its fullest extend.

Look to Hot and Mobile to share with you the best approved apps to download and use while you are “out and about”!

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