Black Women Rappers in the Music Industry and the affect of their Lyrics!

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Rap is not so hard that anyone can do it…

…regardless of genre, ethnicity, nationality, social background, etc. Seriously, even grannie can rap! But to be real about it, rap is severely “sexually explicit”.  If you have consciousness and social awareness then you know this to be true.  Just listen to or read the lyrics. Does that make it less fun to listen to? Can it ruin the listening experience? No necessarily. Why, because we are drawn to the heaviness of the beat. It’s that drums that call us to move our bodies and react.

About Our Special Guest

Dawn Patrice represents the “Eastside Shawty” of Atlanta; born and raised! She is a true Georgia Peach! She has always had an eye for all things beautiful and creative, which sparked her passion for Personal Styling, now Image Consulting. Dawn Patrice’s motto is “Styling from the inside out.” In addition, she said, “It’s one thing to be stylish and it’s another to have a strong character that matches your outer persona.” Also, as an Influential Speaker with her weekly “A Dose of Dawn” perspective thought postings, she constantly encourages her followers to strive to vibrate higher in every aspect of life. Overall, her purpose is to incorporate both skill sets/ talents, into creating a program for young girls/ladies that teaches life skills, while being able to navigate through the world authentically and confidently. for the Video #hotandmobile #jackier #meganthestallion #cardib #rapmusic #cybersecurity #mobileapps

LISTEN – 1:07:07

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