Cyber security company helps kids, parents sort out facts from fiction online

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Lynette Owens talked about the tool and how Trend Micro is working to fight misinformation.

CHICAGO (WLS) — Experts fear of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine is spreading online.

But a cyber security company, Trend Micro, released a new free, tool to help. It’s called Trend Micro Check. You can open it through Facebook, WhatsApp, a Chrome Extension, or directly on the Trend Micro website. Copy and paste the information you’re seeing, whether it’s an article or an image someone shared on social media. Trend Micro Check will verify the information in real-time.

Lynette Owens is the Founder and Global Director, Internet Safety for Kids and Families at Trend Micro. She joined us to talk about the tool and how Trend Micro is working to fight misinformation.


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