Dos and Don’ts of Zoom Backgrounds

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

JackieR Discusses How to use Zoom Backgrounds–Z4hvDQ

I can’t say for sure, but there’s a 99.9% chance individuals working from home during COVID-19 have joined at least one Zoom meeting.

Don’t know what is Zoom? It is a videoconferencing platform. After you download and install the app, individuals may host or attend an online meeting all from the comfort for their home or office. They can turn on the video button to physically appear on screen and put on audio to hear everyone speak. They can even change their background on the screen to add an enhanced affect!

Zoom has become the go to online conferencing for businesses  of all sizes and schools, as we continue to practice social distancing.

I have watched, with interest, pundits and experts interview on main stream media, discussing everything from politics to Covid, to book reviews, and more.

If you watching, and noticing, like me, what’s up with these folk’s screen backgrounds?

Here are a few dos and don’ts when setting up your screen for the next Zoom meeting.

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