Dating Apps – Does Your Teen Talk to Strangers?

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Lack of affection often leads teens to dating sites and apps. They find strangers with whom they can share their insecurities. Many online dating apps for teens are popping up these days, which alread…

Lack of affection often leads teens to dating sites and apps. They find strangers with whom they can share their insecurities. Many online dating apps for teens are popping up these days, which already has increased the parent’s concern. Teens find it interesting to meet new people and explore the personality of the new friend or partner. But every online user is not what it seems. Many groups prey on teens and make them involve in commercial sexual abuse or drug. In this post, we will share a list of dating apps and a solution that is known as parental control app.

Dating Apps – Ensure Your Teen is not Using!


Its recent update allows teens age 13-17 to create an account on Skout. Such news raises the eyebrows of the audience as they do not want the kids and teens to use such dating sites and apps. It allows people to find strangers online and leads to in-person meetings. The user can enter fake birth dates and interact with older people. 


Tinder lets the users match the profile through browsing the photos around the current location. A user should swipe right to like and swipe left to dislike. When mutually users like each other profiles, the app will allow them to message. Teens visit many accounts and develop an interest in vulgar content. 


MyLOL is an app where a user can create a profile older than 13. But it does not let the user above 19 be on its app. Teens meet here with other same-age members and often develop bonding in real-life too. This app has terms and conditions against sharing sexual propositions. Any underage kid can create a profile here and share personal stuff with strangers. 


To know the nearby people, MeetMe has come with its advanced features. A user should purchase credits to be in the top position so more nearby users can see the profile and get more chances to meet the new people. There is no age verification feature, and much live streaming promotes drug or alcohol consumption. 


It is a well-designed app that does not involve a mobile number to log in. A user can sign in and can have a conversation with friends or even with strangers. It also allows its users to attach every video or multimedia files for sharing online. There are many public groups where your kid can go and get involved in drug consumption or pornography.

What’s A Better Solution to Prevent Teens from Using Dating Apps?

The parental control app is the top method to track the screen of the kids. Parents can manage the installed apps on their phones and uninstall them instantly without touching the mobile. Once the end-user downloads the app on the target device (from the official website), the next step is to start monitoring without blinking the eye. The most successful android parental control app in the market is TheWiSpy, which offers multiple features for kid’s monitoring. A parent can manage the installed apps in android phone and activities remotely. After its setup, the end-user can capture the screen and find out if the teens are meeting with strangers in person. It also gives access to the chats that will clear if they are sexting or not.

Wrapping Up

Dating apps are becoming common among teens. If your child is not aware of such sites, then one of his/her friends can share the experience. It will raise their interest in talking with strangersBusiness Management Articles, and they will not think about the consequences. All you need is to find a reliable source for parental control apps and prevent a teen from using such an app. These sites are like the open gates to criminals that target the youth and make them do unlawful things. TheWiSpy is the best way to capture the screen and restrict access to adult content. 

Join TheWiSpy And Let the Teens Enjoy the Bright Side of The Internet!

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