Tools to schedule your social media posts.

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Social post schedulers

Before bots became the new kids on the block for social media automation, all the rage was scheduling posts. To be fair, scheduling social media posts hasn’t become any less important.

By scheduling posts, you can better execute your social media marketing strategy — consistently posting at the times that will give you the most impact.

Doing this also means you can schedule your free time.

Just because you’re sleeping or it’s your day off doesn’t mean your social media presence should be taking a break. In fact, failing to consistently post can lead to real setbacks. The solution is not constantly being on your phone.The solution is using automated posting services.

Tools such as HootsuiteBuffer and Social Sprout all provide integrated social media posting solutions. The tools will not only allow you to schedule posts — they will enable you to do so effortlessly across multiple social media platforms.

If social media is part of your business strategy — and it should be — one of the most crucial tech shortcuts you need is a social media management system.

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