TicTok Comments Can be Brutal!

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

There are no inhibitions when it comes to discussions on the JackieR Rolling Raw podcast. There is so much to talk about. As a seasoned sage and maven in online marketing, graphic and print designs, journalism, collaboration tools, mobile apps, cyber security, and more JackieR is Hot and Mobile! My mission is to share knowledge and inspire others.

Social media was created with the intention of bringing people together, to allow them to share life events, happenings and just about anything else with friends and family. For many, it has become a way to connect with new followers. However, many have come to the realization that social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and TickTok can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

Despite the fact that social media has facilitated representation and spotlighted voices of marginalized groups, users, particularly women and people of color, are subjected to disturbingly sexist, racist or purely hateful comments and created images. This was demonstrated when Leslie Jones was hammered with racist comments and slurs following the release of the “Ghostbusters” remake.

Today I want to talk about TicTok and the affects of negative comments. I love TickTok! This app with videos posted by creative individuals, is my escape from all the negativity going on in the US and around the world. I have seen some crazy videos from young people, seniors, men, women, babies, dogs, health and plant gurus! I have laughed until I cried watching some of these videos.

Two of my many favorites are cookiebootz23 and t.m.m.41!
I watched as cookiebootz23, a home-care professional on TicTok had to constantly defend her relationship with her in-home client a senior man in a wheelchair, and her daughter. TicTokers questioned her relationship with her client, who is usually featured in her videos. I noticed how she went from happily making post to spending a lot of time responding to bullies who questioned the authenticity of her professional relationship. People were brutal! Hats off to Ms. cookiebootz23 who bypassed the naysayers and continues to make entertaining post. I was even proud to see her break from her job as a home-care giver to making videos of her modeling. Keep up the good work girl!

Mad props to t.m.m.41 for her talented family posts on Tictok. BTW, thank you for your service. I started following her several months go and was very entertained by her, her fine ass husband and her kids posting. They had amazing and funny videos! Then, back in March and April, other Tictokers started to bully her about her husband who happens to be white, and she black. It was heart-breaking to watch her defend over and over again her family to the insensitive posters who question their ethnicity and the fact that as a black women she was married to a white man. Where do people get off questioning someone else’s relationship? Is it that they are so miserable in their own lives that they can not be happy for someone else. Are these racist individuals who just seen to what to inject their sick views in a public forum. Girl, I know you said you are being called back to military duty and your videos will have to stop. I will miss you. And, again, thank you for your service!

Now, here I come with a simple post about how to clean wooden spoons. Granted I did say to use bleach in boiling water, which scientifically can cause breathing problems. Because of the seriousness of health issues it was important for me to follow-up with an explanation that I only used 1/2 teaspoon, and an admonishment and disclaimer not to use bleach. However, after 7,262 views and 120 comments, some Tictokers did not read the comments that addressed the issue of the bleach and proceeded to write uncomplimentary comments. I even had a comment from a person using a KKK profile ID, with a dumb ass comment.

At first, I felt like cookiebootz23 and t.m.m.41, and even Cardi B (who as a celebrity is constantly harassed on social media), upset about the negative comments. I felt the need to defend myself and my spoons by posting “spoon” updates on my TicTok feed. It was emotional and I could not understand where those feelings were coming from. Perhaps I thought with a simple post about spoons I was safe from negativity. NOT. It’s not hard now to understand why people can become upset, angry and even suicidal from negative comments other’s post on their social media page.

Percentage wise, 90% of the comments regarding my spoons were positive with some folks offering helpful tips. I gained 400 new followers and 7600 likes! It’s the other 10% that could have had a serious impact on how I view social media.

As a Wise Boomer Chic who is Hot and Mobile, I have been on the Internet a long time, way before Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TicTok. I honestly believe that instead of shutting down my TicTok page, because of that small 10% of negativity, my goal is to now reach the 90% with information that they may helpful!

Be encouraged, be safe, think before you post and Happy Tictoking!

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