The Damage Botnets Can Cause

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile

Botnets are a bunch of computer networks that are used in controlling and instructing things like attacking other computers, sending spam or phishing emails, and giving people ransomware or spyware. These are all very malicious acts that can cause damage to you and your computer.

You should know that all of this can happen without you even knowing. By the time you do notice something, damage has already been done. Listed below are some of the damages that botnets can cause to you and your computer.

  1. Take control of your computer. This can happen as quickly as 1-2-3. All it takes is a browser plugin that you just keep postponing. Another way your computer can be taken over is by clicking on a link when you have no clue where it leads you. With the busyness and commotion of our lives, we tend to do things without thinking, making it that much easier for scammers to gain control of your computer and who you are.
  2. Launch a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. This can be done to a company, website, or the government. This type of attack happens when someone sends so many requests for content that the server can’t handle it and it fails. Even the largest of networks have trouble “surviving” when botnets attack.
  3. Commit advertising fraud. Computers all over the world can generate fake ads for people to click on. Once someone has clicked on them, they open themselves up to a world of dangers and possible loss of your own information.
  4. Send off phishing emails. These phishing emails come from botnets and people who are fishing for your information and money. They will send you an email that looks like it’s from your bank. A link will be attached. Once clicked on, the link will send you to a website that looks just like your bank’s website. When you fill out your information, your information will be available to the people waiting for it.

Listed below are ways to prevent your computer and yourself from falling victim to botnets.

  • Don’t click on any links that you find to be suspicious or have no idea where they lead to. Even if they come from someone you know, their accounts could have been compromised. Be safe and ask them what the link is about. Don’t blindly click on something just because you trust the person who sent it or because you’re bored. This is why scammers are so successful; because they know how to take advantage of you.
  • Always make sure your firewall is on. Set the firewall to its maximum security. All applications will then be able to contact you when internet access is needed.
  • Keep all your software updated. Many scammers get into your computer whenever it’s not updated. They gain control of the software that isn’t up to date and destroy who you are and your computer.

Botnets are something you don’t want to mess with or come in any sort of contact with. They’re very powerful and can destroy anything they come into contact with. Be careful and always remain aware of the dangers that have invaded our wireless worlds.

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