Self-Containment Killing your Growth on the Tree of Prosperity?

by JackieR | Hot and Mobile
Image from a documentary filmed in 2017 of the same title. So apropos for these challenging days head!

Do these 10 Things to be ready in the next 60 Days! You’ve been given time to prepare! It is definitely time to choose a path!

In these unprecedented times, every state in the union has placed restrictions on your personal liberties, forcing us to realize that the pandemic COVID-19 is not a funny burning toilet paper meme moment, but a serious situation. People are getting sick and dying world-wide, young and old. Other countries have shut down their ports of entry by air and sea to US travelers. No cruise ships, no flights! You, the average citizen, living paycheck to paycheck or on social security have no way of escape, even with a passport! Yes, CardiB, Neo and Morpheus are really dead from COVID-19!

You are on your own, but not alone!

The is not the first time in my 67 years on this planet that an emergency situation occurred. We survived those bomb practices where the kids at school got under their desks when they heard the bomb warnings. Oh my, that was a long time ago! However, this is the first time I have witnessed an emergency of this magnitude, especially wearing and seeing others wearing a protective mask in public.

Pause the Hustle for 60 Days!

As we see money flowing left and right from the greedy, global economies crashing, small businesses going out of business, and hundreds of thousands of people out of work, can it be the proper time to up your hustle? Why not pause soliciting sales of your product or service in emails, memes, marketing ads, videos, etc! Who is listening? Who is watching? Who is paying attention? Who has money to spend just because?

If you don’t have one, now would be a good time to invest in a financial planner!

Don’t let the dream die. Prepare now for what is coming is 60 days!
Don’t let the dream die. Prepare now for what is coming is 60 days!

Time to reflect for the next 60 days will be life saving! Create your own rainbow!

There are things you can do while stuck-in-place. If you are serious about your goals in life moving forward, whether you are still working, out of work, homeless, attempting to start a business or trying to save one, a boomer, or a retiree, then:

I am telling you to take your hustle to the next level by preparing during this time for what is coming at the end of 60 days of self-containment!

No need for your dream to die, if you believe in yourself, what ever it is! There is a rainbow at the end of the storm. But, will you survive that long? Will you be ready when that rainbow appears?

Create your own rainbow! How JackieR? 

For the next 60 days we are stuck-in-place do this:

  1.  Evaluate your life — the good, the bad and that ugly.
  2. Admit your past mistakes, ask yourself for forgiveness.
  3. Speak power into your truth of who you REALLY are!
  4. Fast, read, exercise.
  5. Abstain from destructive personal habits.
  6. Don’t eat meat, drink plenty of water, and cut sugar.
  7. Count your money!
  8. Organize your life using the mobile tools on your laptop and smartphone.
  9. Send thank cards (hard copy or electronic) to people you appreciate, and wish wellness.
  10. Be humble and grateful that out of all of the millions that didn’t make it, you were one of the ones who did!

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Elva M Hernandez April 4, 2020 - 11:53 pm

I agree that we have the unexpected opportunity to reflect on where we are financially and how we can set ourselves up for success. I choose the path to prosperity!


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