I’m Moving Overseas. What about Internet Connection?

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How Safe will my Internet be Overseas?

Did you consider what the Internet would be like if you moved from the US to a foreign country? Will you be able to watch your favorite TV shows, cartoon channels, news sources, sports channels, movies and much more? What about speed and connection time? Maybe it’s time to look at a VPN.

Unless you plan on spending all of your time exploring your new home country, you may want to invest in a VPN to remain in close contact with your family and friends in your home country.

vpn for expats

Here are the three reasons every expat needs to use a VPN:

  1. Stay Connected via the Internet and Social Apps

If you’ve moved to countries like China, the UAE or any other with stern restrictions and censorships, you can bet that your internet access is going to be restricted and monitored.

If you are a regular expat who faces this nuisance on a daily basis, then get ready to get in touch with your family back home via just an email every once in a while. On the other hand, you could be a modern-age expat and remain in touch with the rest of the world by connecting to a VPN.

A VPN offers you the opportunity to connect to a server in your home country and have unrestricted access to any and all websites, TV shows, movies, videos and more as if you were still in your home country! You can carry on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media sites with blazing-fast internet connectivity.

Some VPNs offer the ability to disguise your online identity from anywhere in the world. You’ll get limitless access to your home country’s websites.

  1. Secure Your Online Activities from Anywhere

Settling in a new country requires you to abide by their strict rules, which might not always be in your favor. Since each individual has the right to online freedom and privacy, you must defend your right by employing the necessary tools to secure your online activities.

It doesn’t matter where you live, going online means opening a gateway to all sorts of malicious entities like malware, hackers, ransomware, and viruses, and it’s not just about China or the UAE, this includes countries like Brazil, Russia, and Thailand among dozens of others.

Expats use online banking to send and receive money. It would be a shame to have your banking details compromised when using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. With VPN, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection safety since VPN employs military grade AES 256-bit encryption as standard which safeguards your online activities at all times.

With apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV and more, you can stay connected to your smartphone on the go and your laptop at home without worrying about hackers targeting you. Also, VPN anonymizes your real online location and assigns you a virtual location of another country, keeping your real identity and location safe.

  1. Stream Your Native and Popular Channels

Depending on which country where you’re living, some content may be limited or inaccessible at all. For instance Netflix. Some content that’s available in the US might not be available in China. Another example is YouTube, where you’ll come across some videos that are available in one region but blocked in another. That’s because much of the content floating on the web is limited geographically.

Fortunately, VPN can help you evade online blockades and restrictions. Once connected, you can choose a server of your choice to get instant access to local TV shows, movies, channels, videos, etc.

Stream Netflix and watch your favorite sports events – NFL game, NBA playoff showdown, UFC match and others securely online.

Run a Google search for VPNs. We know that Godaddy offers VPNs, and will keep you updated on what VPNs are out there!

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