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I often wonder why people from other countries desire to live in America. There are many reasons for wanting to leave everything you know and learned, your friends, and even your family. It’s not easy traveling thousands of miles for safety and freedom.

Aluet Deng, a young woman from Sudan, is one of those people. She left her homeland to “Come to America.” Why would she leave her family her mother, and grandmother?

Escape from War in Sudan

Imagine living in a country that is all of a sudden caught up in a war because of land and cattle. Where war, disease, murder, lack of food, contaminated water, houses blown to bits, trees gone and nowhere to hide is a daily struggle. The only option is to escape. In Sudan, more than 4 million people have been displaced, and about 2.5 million have fled to neighboring countries. Fighting in the agricultural heartland has sored, with the number of people facing starvation close to 6 million. The country’s economy has also been devastated. The civilian death toll is one of the highest of any war wince World War II and was marked by numerous human rights violation, including slavery and mall killings.

Finding Employment in Dallas

Aluet Deng was fortunate. Having fled her homeland with her children, she now works for a private country club. Finding a job is the first step for many people from other countries when they reach the USA. Some choose to work and be paid “under the table” without a green card or legal citizenship. Others seek to follow the process legally. Aluet did it the legal way! She has been working, and providing excellent service on her job since arriving in America. A pleasant woman, she is always smiling despite her circumstances.

Becoming a US Citizen

Very few people knew that Aluet was attending USA citizenship classes. You have to be seriously determined to escape from your home, find employment in a new country, take care of your family in two countries, go to school and study to become a citizen.

Congratulations, Aluet, on passing your classes, taking the oath and becoming an American citizen. Now, you have rights, benefits and the ability to help your family in the US and in Sudan.


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