Go to any major town in the US and you will find several things in the black community: MLK Drive, beauty supply stores, convenience stores and soul food restaurants.

Eatonville, Florida did not disappoint. I wrote about this town in an earlier post and how that it was not an ideal place for retirement. But I did find a woman-own black business called “Soul Food Fantasy”. Let’s take a look!

Soul Food Fantasy in Eatonville, Florida

Tina and I had a chance to chat, even though she was busy running two locations on a Saturday afternoon. She explained how it was a challenge getting a business license in Eatonville. However, once established in town, her loyal customers continue to grow. A couple of main reasons for this tremendous growth is that it is the only quality “soul food” restaurant in town, the staff is very friendly, the ambience of the place is nice and clean and welcoming, and last but not least the food is goooooood!

Oxtails, Yellow Rice, Collards and Mac & Cheese!

Sister Eugenia stopped long enough to take a “Hot and Mobile” picture. The patrons were friendly and willing to share their experience at the Soul Food Fantasy.

Thanks ladies. See you, Ms. Tina Redding, on my next trip!

Eugenia, Hot and Mobile, at the Soul Food Fantasy restaurant in Eatonville, Florida!


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