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I ran into Mrs. Holland at the nail salon. With a big old iPhone she is definitely “Hot and Mobile”!

Having mobile devices in our every day lives has become a constant. We carry our smartphones everywhere. We even try disparately to fit it into our cocktail purses. What use to have to be done on a big ole computer, was reduced to a big ole laptop, to a tablet, and now a phone! So it doesn’t surprise me that everywhere you go people have a smartphone. So what makes you Hot and Mobile.

Now, just the other day, and it was an ordinary day, I ventured out to get a pedicure to my local nail salon at the Casa View Villa Nail Salon. A repeat customer I am because the place is amazingly comfortable, pleasing to the eye and equipped with free wifi.

Turns out to be a great meeting place. Because in walks someone I know while I’m being serviced. During the course of our procedures we talked about marriage, engagement rings, and life in retirement. Not too far away from both of us was our iPhone smartphones!

It was fascinating to be “out and about” getting my nails done, and using technology to corroborate conversation facts, to look up directions to recommended shopping spots, take selfies and post to social media all from a little phone!

Seriously, we’ve come a very long way from dial up princess phones to the type that we talk to and it talks back, making us Hot and Mobile.


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