Plan to go out shooting this weekend? Whether you’re bringing your camera on vacation while traveling the world, or shooting photos closer to home, here are some great photography tricks you should know before you click the shutter.

In the below video from Bright Side, you’ll learn 20, easy-to-understand photography “hacks” that will make your photos look like a million bucks.

“Remember your pictures should always tell a story,” Bright Side says. “Help your model be the center of it, focusing on one thing only, getting the right angle by experimenting with them and never cutting off too much. Of course, you can take great pictures at any time of the day, but you can get coolers shots during the ‘blue hour’ and the ‘golden hour.’ The blue hour is one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset. You get photos that have a tender blue cast to them. The golden hour is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. This is when the sun is really low over the horizon, and it makes everything seem kind of golden. Such soft light can make even the most ordinary street look different.”

Here are JackieR’s Hot and Mobile’s 20 photography tricks:

  • 17 Focus on One Thing Only
  • 16 Tell a Story
  • 15 Don’t Be Shy
  • 14 Hold Something
  • 13 Avoid Straight Lines
  • 12 Sit Down
  • 11 Be Careful with the Framing
  • 10 Avoid Tight Shots
  • 9 Turn Off the Flash
  • 8 Have an Object
  • 7 Try to Have People in Your Photo
  • 6 Bring More Light
  • 5 Use Direct Sunlight Correctly
  • 4 Change Your Perspective
  • 3 Be Patient
  • 2 Don’t Overuse Filters
  • 1 Practice Makes Perfect

Now go take some beautiful pictures!


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